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CryptoInMinutes is an online trading community and discussion forum boasting 500 active members. We participate in various markets including cryptocurrency and foreign exchange and employ a range of discretionary momentum and mean reversion strategies to capture and capitalise on directional persistence.

We integrate technical, fundamental and relational analysis together to provide the community with a holistic overview and understanding of the market.

Our traders primarily use Elliott Wave Theory in addition to market structure analysis, price action analysis and candlestick pattern analysis. As swing and position traders, we often hold positions for days or weeks and our trading approach is governed by a strict risk management framework to minimise risk and the loss of our capital.

The team which is based across Australia and the United Kingdom have diverse backgrounds spanning financial services, computer science, financial communications and public relations and law.

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I’ve been in the CIM group for a few months now. The whole team is extremely helpful and are happy to respond to any questions from the members, regularly doing chart requests and discussing ideas. When a trade is given it always has defined entry, stoploss and take profit marks as well as detailed reasoning as to WHY the trade is being taken. This is important because it gives us members insight into what the CIM team is seeing and allows us to increase our own understandings of the markets. Don’t get me wrong, the CIM team doesn’t have a crystal ball but they do have defined risk, so that the losses don’t hurt and the wins are amazing. Overall I’m extremely satisfied with CIM and highly recommend that you join if you haven’t already. The subscription fee is also one of the lowest out there and I’m definitely getting the bang for my buck! Thanks Ben & the team for your hardwork!


Great professional team, very good levels of accuracy and excellent risk management. The calls are simple and the TA behind them is explained in an educational way. Consistently and significantly increased my btc wallet ever since joining!


Joining CIM has been the best investment I have made since I began trading. The boys offer so much more than just trade ideas, and dedicate a huge amount of time to answering questions. I cannot recommend CIM highly enough.


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