Become an Affiliate with CryptoInMinutes


We are looking for influencers, bloggers and website owners who are interested in promoting our CIM Premium product.

CIM Premium since its inception in mid-September 2018 has grown to over 550 members. We are now looking to the next phase of growth and we are recruiting keen and motivated people to join our generous affiliate program.

CryptoInMinutes Affiliates reap a 25% reward for each member they bring to CIM Premium on subscription. This means that for the life time of that subscription the affiliate will receive 25%.

For example:  A month-to-month subscriber currently cost $100 USD

Sign up – $100 – $75 goes to CIM and $25 goes to the affiliate.

Every month there after that the signups renews, the affiliate will receive and additional $25.

If you are interested in becoming a CryptoInMinutes affiliate then please feel free to sign up here and we will review your application ASAP

One you have been approved you then use your unique referral link to give to your followers to use. You can find this by logging into the back-end.

NOTE:  Do not refer customers without your link, we are unable to track such referrals. Please wait until you have been approved and use the link proved in the backend.


Warm Regards,


CIM Team